A plan, a plan … we finally have a plan

Journal entry by Eric Brown — 9/22/2016

We now have a game plan.

Yesterday we saw my oncologist and today we saw my radiologist. 

I like the oncologist the best. In the last four weeks, he is the only doctor I have seen who has NOT put something up my butt. Well … and my eye doctor, but… ummm… that would just be weird.

The plan (which is open to modification) is to start radiation next Thursday. I will be getting treatments every day Monday through Friday. Other than next Thursday, we do not have the treatment time set yet but I asked for the afternoon so I can still work at least part of the day for as long as I can. However, we now know that I will not be able to work full 8 hour days. 

Alongside the radiation is my chemo. Also Monday through Friday. We are going to try oral meds for the chemo as this will be less of a hassle with work and home life.

These treatments will continue for six weeks so I will be missing quite a bit of work during this. After the treatments are done, we wait two months while the nasty stuff does it’s job and continues to shrink the mass. 

After this two month wait, I have surgery.

Surgery will put me in the hospital for the first week and then 3-4 more weeks at home. A colostomy bag will be installed at the time of surgery and I will wear that for about four months and then have another surgery to reverse the procedure. 

This is going to be a very long fight and I am going to miss a lot of work but we are very confident that God has it all under control and we are trusting Him for the best possible outcome. 

That being said, this will still be hard on me and the family so your continued prayers and support are needed and appreciated.

 Thank You!

 Eric, Marissa and family

May 16, 2015

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