A field trip & Show and Tell

Eric and Marissa drove up to Clark County today so he could turn in the paperwork from his doctor stating he will be off work until at least May 30, 2017. It was a fun and emotional visit with friends he hasn’t seen in a couple months.  Fridays are “Show & Tell” day – Eric excitedly told his coworkers he had something to share “You guys get a choice, do you want to see my intestine or my fancy robe?” and he smiled and laughed! Needless to say, he donned his amazing robe and took his catwalk turns to the sounds of laughter.

He is hoping to be approved for disability, which would pay him 60% of his salary and cover a portion of his health insurance. The remainder of the bill has to be covered by the family. His coworkers will most likely be donating portions of their accrued leave to keep a paycheck coming until disability is approved. His next check will be only $14 because the paperwork wasn’t turned in earlier, not that it could’ve been.

Since surgery, his pain has decreased tremendously, the healing process is long but the radiation burns have improved dramatically since that treatment ended.

Thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes. They mean the world to Eric.

As a reminder, Eric’s GoFundMe page is active, please if you would, share it, this will be tougher than we anticipated on us.

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