Be gone Tumor!

Eric is now settled in his temp home, Rm 744 at Providence Portland. 

Surgeon was able to remove the tumor completely and said the colon reattachment looks good. Best news is that the tumor responded GREAT to the initial chemo and radiation and was about the circumference of a nickel! For reference, place a quarter and nickel side by side, that’s where we started in August! 

Pathology should be back Monday, once we have that a specific chemo plan will be decided upon. That round will tentatively start the first week in Feb and last 4-5 months depending on the specific cancer. 

Then a 4 week break and another surgery to hopefully reverse the Ileostomy. 

We anticipate being here for 3-7 days, based on his recovery. 

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. We still have a long way to go but this was a big step.

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