Support Page up

We now have the Support Eric page up and running with all the different ways you can help us. Of course, prayers are always welcome. Our reality is that in July, we will be fully responsible for paying our COBRA payments in full, which amounts to $2300 a month.

We will be researching other Insurance options between now and then, but if you’ve been anywhere other then under a rock lately, you know the Insurance system in the US is in a bit of an uproar right now and we have no idea what it will look like in July.

Important to us is that he keep all of his doctors and current medications. If the only way we do that is with our current plan, that’s what will happen. Somehow.

So please, share Eric’s story. It’s still being written here on earth – there will be more on that later. We will be adding more pages to discuss some of his other issues because while Cancer is the BIG one right now, he has two other medical issues that he lives with daily. At some point I think we will change the name of this place to “Not My Illness”  ….

Have a blessed day! Eric started chemo again this morning for the next 14 days.


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