After the scope

OK… time to update everybody on this morning’s procedure. The doctor wanted to scope me again to see if he could find any obvious reason why I am still in pain. Apparently, after 3 months of being on pain narcotics he needs to refer me to a pain specialist. The pain level has subsided greatly in this time but it still persists and still requires narcotics to manage it.

I asked the doctor to be gentle. He said he would. He lied.

The procedure itself has caused increased pain and bleeding. The doctor said it should subside in a day or two. I hope he wasn’t lying again. He really is a great surgeon.

The only thing he found is the large, angry, anal fissure. It is not healing. This is what has been causing all of my pain since last October. It calmed down after my first surgery when I had a loop ileostomy to bypass the fissure altogether. I was actually pain free for a couple months between surgeries. My surgery on January 4th to remove the tumor was extremely close to the fissure and aggravated it again. This is the pain I have been fighting since January. Like I said, the pain is getting better but the fissure is showing no signs of healing. The doctor gave me a Botox injection to relax the muscles and hopefully facilitate healing and help with the pain.

We also got to discuss other options to heal the fissure. There are not many and run the risk of causing incontinence. Long term, if the fissure does not heal, chances are high that I will need to choose between diapers or a permanent colostomy bag installed at the bottom end of my colon. I am not fond of either option.

Pain control is important but I really need the fissure to heal. PLEASE PRAY THAT MY FISSURE HEALS.

Thank you

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