Current Conditions

It is now April 2018. Some time has passed since our last update. Some time has passed and some things have changed.

My fissure that you all have read so much about has finally healed. Since it was the chemo and radiation that caused the fissure, it only makes sense that the chemo is what was keeping it from healing. A couple weeks after I ended my last round of chemo, the pain started to subside and the fissure completely healed. I was able to have my ileostomy reversed October 2017 and resume a “normal” life for a while. Yes, for a while.

After I started having regular BMs again, I developed a fistula that caused a few new complications and pain. January 2018 I had another surgery and now have a colostomy bag. We are hoping this one will be temporary also but the pain is gone and life is again “normal”.

I have recovered to the point that I am now looking for work again. I have not worked since October 2016 so this is a huge step and a big change. I have sent out several applications and have even had a few interviews and I have more scheduled. I am confident that I will get whatever job God has planned for me.

We are gearing up for our very first Relay For Life team. We are excited and are having fun with it. Please click the link on the main page and consider supporting our team with donations or time.

I have been through a lot since my original cancer diagnosis August 2016. Life is good and is slowly returning to normal. I may or may not have more surgeries in my future but I know that God has a plan and will tackle those when the time comes.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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