About Eric

Eric has been battling Rectal Cancer since diagnosed through a routine colonoscopy on August 29, 2016. This is one of 3 major health issues in the past 5 years and it’s taking a huge toll on him not only physically, but emotionally and financially.

He has been unable to work since mid-October 2016 and the timeline to return is around September or October 2017. He does not know if he will still have his current position due to FMLA running out. We have increased the goal of this campaign because we’ve found out that Eric may not have a job to go back to and disability is only covering a portion of his salary.

Eric was also diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called Antisynthetase Syndrome (abbreviated AsS) in 2013 that attacked his lungs and causes them to bleed.  He is on long term medication for that and it’s always a fear that it will become a problem again. The process started in 2012. This adds an unusual twist because every time he goes through a procedure we have to consult with his pulmonogist.

In 2015, four days before his wedding, he was coming down a ramp of a home he was inspecting and the ramp collapsed, rupturing his Achilles tendon. This has left him with a permanent disability.

To say the past 5 years has been a long haul is an understatement.