Eric’s Pesky Lungs

This will be filled in with detail, but for now, a quick timeline:

August 2012 – Eric got a cold, that seemed to turn into bronchitis. In August??? Yup, and no matter what the doctors gave him it wouldn’t clear up.

December 2012 – by this time he had been diagnosed with bronchitis, pneumonia, pneumonia “that doesn’t show up in your lungs” (huh? we agree), urinary tract infection (because apparently peeing blood isn’t normal), and oh yeah – hemaptosis – because apparently coughing up blood isn’t normal either – he forgot to tell me that when we went to the ER for what he said was bloody urine. I could’ve strangled him there … and he simply shrugged and grinned. God I love this man!

We were moved from Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center over to the Pulmonary team at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center where Dr. Catherine Markin took over his care.

Mid 2013 – Eric had undergone multiple CT scans, MRI’s, Bronchoscopys and still no diagnosis. He continued to cough up blood and we continued to run him to the emergency department for tests upon tests and inpatient stays. During this time his care was transferred over to Danielle Hosmer who specializes in Interstitial Lung Disease.

June 2013 he had a lung biopsy done with sections sent to the Mayo Clinic. Surely they could help identify what is happening here. Eric’s lungs looked like they had been in a chronic smoker, only bloody. Unfortunately Mayo drew a blank.


More later …

2015 – Ruptured Achilles Tendon 4 days before our Wedding … led to a permanent disability